[OSRS-PROJ] PROJ4 and Krovak projection (Czech Republic)?

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Apr 3 11:23:00 EST 2002


I am curious if it is possible to define the Krovak projection
in PROJ4 (finally I want to do that in GRASS).

The definition is:

       Ellipsoid Bessel 1841 a = 6377397.155m 1/f = 299.15281
         then e = 0.081696831 e2 = 0.006674372
       Latitude of projection centre (j_c) 49° 30'00" N = 0.604756586 rad
       Longitude of Origin 42° 30'00" East of Ferro
       Longitude of Ferro is 17° 40'00" West of Greenwich
       Longitude of Origin (l_c) 24° 50'00" East of Greenwich=0.433423431 rad
       Latitude of pseudo standard parallel (j_1) 78° 30'00" N
       Azimuth of centre line (a_c) 30° 17' 17.303"
       Scale factor on pseudo Standard Parallel (ko) 0.99990
       Easting at projection centre (Ec) 0.00 m
       Northing at projection centre (Nc) 0.00 m

Projection constants:
         B = 1.000597498
         A = 6380703.61
         g 0 = 0.863239103
         t0 = 1.003419164
         n = 0.979924705
         r0 = 1298039.005

It might be also called "S-JTSK Ferro Krovak".

As being only experienced a bit with Transverse Mercator, I am a bit
lost with this Krovak projection.

Thanks in advance for any hint (or a proj command line...)

 Markus Neteler

PS: There is also another description with all history:
    -> The Czech Republic
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