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Dear sir.
Ive visited the Proy4 site and I found it so interesting.
Im Engineer Surveyor and MSc Geodesist from Chile, Ive participated
as "wriier" in the Technical Manual for Secretary of Publics Works, focusing
Roads Enginiering Projects. On that manual we have introduced as
standard the TM modified projection.  That modified is dued to high
terrain to conserve  horizontal distances in the projection used to
construct, avoiding deformations between the project and the final work.
The rules we have imposed is mainly in to the Scale Factor in the
central meridian, calculated by the function of mean radious "R" and the
elipsoidal heigh "h": Ko=(R+h)/R
The surface of the resultant cilinder "pass" over the earth surfece
(terrain) where the road is placed.
By the another habd we are starting to use as official geodetic
reference Sirgas, coincident with ITRF2000, as well the rest of
Southamerican countries.
Is in your project consider that kind of projection and geodetic
Best regards

René Zepeda Godoy
Curicó 161 depto 32 - Santiago
lat:33º26´37.8"S  lon:70º38´08.5"W
tel 634-1348  
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