[OSRS-PROJ] <Update>:Initial step ready for testing

Paul Selormey paul at toolscenter.org
Thu Jun 20 02:26:22 EDT 2002

Hello All,
I wish to report that the initial part of my work on the Proj4
library is ready. This initial part involves mainly removing the macros
and some of the #defines.
Unfortunately, the proj4 mailing list has no file section like the related
lists being hosted on yahoo.groups so I do not know where to upload the

I could send the files to anyone interested in testing the results, and I
to post them to the related mailing lists file sections like the GDAL
list so that all can download it.

Please I really need your support to complete this work. I have not yet
started using the library in my projects and therefore cannot provide
testing, please help. Simply use it as the previous and see if there is any
There is no expected change, since the work so far is all about removing the
macros to make the codes more readable.

I am working on Windows and have created VC++6.0 workspace for the
library. The workspace has
1. proj4 DLL project
2. proj4 static library project
3. projects for all the utility programs like cs2cs, proj etc. The utility
   are linked to the static library.
4. A simple console test program, which uses the DLL version.
I have attached a screenshot to show the workspace. I hope this will make it
easier to Windows users with VC++6.0 to play with the sources.

The "zipped" workspace is about 286 KB.

The output of the projects are created in a subfolder/directory, named

I have left the macros still in the sources - only commented them out.
After enough test, I will remove all.

Another request, please can you send me some test programs and data. It can
be the proj.exe command line for various projections you use, some values
the expected output. These will help me test most of the projections. In
fact, any
other help will be very much appreciated.

Please write directly to me if possible.

Best regards,

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