[OSRS-PROJ] <Update>:Initial step ready for testing

Paul Selormey paul at toolscenter.org
Thu Jun 20 10:52:13 EDT 2002

Hello Frank,
Thanks for the response.

> I will provide Mike and Paul with CVS update access, and accounts on
> remotesensing.org so they can put stuff on the ftp tree and so forth.

We will very much appreciate that.

> I am not enthusiastic about introducing a CVS branch for Paul's work since
> it seems to me it will continue to diverge over time from traditional

I do not hope to diverge from the traditional PROJ.4 with the current
I will continue to improve the sources but maintained the tradition! Through
I hope to have control over the sources and then start the C++ version,
may break the tradition, compatible C interfaces will be maintained for easy

In any case, a different CVS tree is welcomed.

> However, Paul, if you would like I could clone the CVS tree for
> PROJ, and make you a proj_nt CVS project to start committing your changes

Agreed. I will do my best to make the most out of it.

BTW, my response to your email bounced back, I will try to create a new
email account.

I have just found out that my ISP is listed in the blacklist and this might
be the cause of the bouncing back of my emails.

Best regards,

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