[OSRS-PROJ] cs2cs EOL behavior

Mark Salazar msalazar at schaferdc.com
Mon Mar 4 08:22:24 EST 2002


Contrary to its man page (and to the behavior of proj/invproj) cs2cs does not echo arbitrary 
trailing (after the X,Y
values) ASCII characters on its input lines.  Instead it is presently hardwired to read and print a 
z value.  For my
current application I much prefer the proj behavior, so I modified my copy as below.  I leave it to 
you to decide if
this is a change you want to incorporate.

in cs2cs.c, subroutine process():

comment out the line that reads z:

           //z = strtod( s, &s );

and change the lines that print z to:

           //putchar(' ');
           //printf( "%.3f", z );
           //fputs("\n", stdout );
	(void)fputs( s, stdout);

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