[OSRS-PROJ] geod_for.c, geod_inv.c explanation needed

Ronan MELENNEC melennec at cena.fr
Mon Mar 18 08:38:54 EST 2002

Professor Mugnier,

Thank you very much for these indications.
They will be most helpful when consulting
the libraries here in Paris. I didn't really
know where to start until today.

Cordially and thankfully yours,
Ronan Melennec | Centre d'Etudes de la Navigation Aerienne - France
<melennec at ath.cena.fr>
> Ronan,
> Easiest place for you to find something on "The Principal Problem of
> Geodesy" in France is in back issues of "Annals Hydrographique."  Every
> twenty years or so, they published a cumulative index that included
> subjects.  For many decades, Geodesic Direct and Geodesic Inverse proofs
> and computation instructions were published in exquisite detail.  Look for
> stuff published between 1910 and 1970, that's where most of the proofs are.
> Look for Hatt's proofs as well as Driencourt's.  I don't recall if Puissant
> and Andoyer are in those journals ...
> You may find it in Driencourt & Laborde's "Traite des Projections," but
> note that it was published in the 1930's.
> Other tomes easy to find in France include "Bulletin Geodesique," the
> monthly journal of the International Association of Geodesy and Geophysics.
> (That is out of Paris).  Also, you might find some stuff in "XYZ," the
> internal (but available in French Libraries) journal of the Institute
> Geographique National.
> Note that the late John P. Snyder NEVER published anything on the
> ellipsoidal geodesic inverse or direct solution other than his "Azimuthal
> Equidistant" Projection that he cooked up for the islands of Micronesia.  I
> don't think John ever did a proof on that.  The algorithm he used was
> probably "Clarke's Long Line."
> Note that the ellipsoidal geodesic satisfies Clairaut's Theorem that the
> azimuth of the line changes at a constant rate.  It is a three-dimensional
> spiral, and uses elliptic integrals of the second kind.  Good luck, it's
> some really heavy stuff!
> Regards,
> Prof. Clifford J. Mugnier (cjmce at LSU.edu)
> Chief of Geodesy
> Department of Civil Engineering
> Baton Rouge, LA  70803
> Voice and Facsimile:  (225) 578-8536
> Pager:              1-(888) 365-5180

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