[OSRS-PROJ] On Proj4...

Paul Selormey paul at toolscenter.org
Thu May 30 10:28:42 EDT 2002

Hello Frank,
Thanks for the response.

> This is a mistake on my part.  I will submit a bug (149) to myself to come
> with another strod() implementation with appropriate license constraints
> to rewrite my own version.

What is the specification or the true behavior that the VC++ does not
This way, I could also try my hand at it since I am working on the codes

> static double ceval( struct PW_COEF *C, int n);
> Apparently in K&R C untyped arguments were implicitly integers.

Thanks. In fact, I picked my K&R C in bits and pieces :-) I was not lucky
to use it :(

> I understand your rationale but I don't think I will incorporate your
> macros" version into the core, even though I too find the macros sometimes
> obscure what is going on from the casual developer.

It is not an expanded macro version, but a replacement. I was hoping it will
take over
but it can still run in parellel. It is just a beginning of my work on the
projection, I hope
to work further on this even as I study map projections.

Best regards,

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