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James Macgill j.macgill at geography.leeds.ac.uk
Fri May 31 07:04:14 EDT 2002

Apologies if this arrives twice, but so far the first send appears to have 
been eaten somewhere along the line.

>>To my mind, the "ultimate" solution would be to formulate the
>>projection functions as high-level symbolic expressions, to allow:
>>a) automatic conversion to any programming language, and
>>b) higher-order operations, primarily differentiation.
>>The existing format (i.e. macro-ised C) isn't particularly friendly in
>>that regard.
>I agree, that would be ideal.   Is there an XML based equation or 
>expression language that would be rich
>enough to capture the equations involved?
>I've been planning to write a script to convert the de-macro-ised C into 
>Java for Proj4j.  I've done a few by hand and so far it is generally 
>little more than search and replace.  That said, GeoTools, the project 
>which hosts proj4j is in the process of combining with SeaGIS, another 
>Coordinate Transformation project based around the OpenGIS standards, so 
>its not clear how much further I will take proj4j.
>Is anyone on this list actively using the proj4j port?
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