[OSRS-PROJ] Geostationary satellite projection

Iwan Holleman holleman at knmi.nl
Thu Nov 7 11:43:58 EST 2002

Dear proj.4 users,

I am trying to describe the projection of raw images of the Meteosat
geostationary satellite using the proj.4 system.

I am using the "proj=nsper" for this, but this not work. This projection
returns distances X and Y in a tangent plane on the earth, but the
raw image represent data as a function of the viewing angles (in
and vertical direction) of the satellite. Close to the equator the
angles and
distances depend linearly on each other, but towards the poles and away
the Greenwich meridian the deviations are getting big.

Is possible to correctly describe the "satellite viewing angles
projection" in
Is it possible to take into account the non-spherical shape of the earth
this projection?

Thanks in advance for your effort,

Best regards,

Iwan Holleman
dr. Iwan Holleman,
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