[OSRS-PROJ] Conversion between Geographic CS's

Luis Mota luis.mota at iscte.pt
Wed Oct 2 20:53:10 EDT 2002


First of all, I must say I have never used PROJ.4 before. I am posting 
to this list because I am a user of PostGIS, which uses PROJ.4 to 
perform transformations between Coordinate Systems (CS).

In PostGis, there is a transform function that is supposed to transform 
between any kind of CS. As far as I have understood, the conversion 
between projected CS's works fine, but now I am trying to convert 
between geodetic CS's and everything is going wrong...

So, my questions to you would be:
- is it possible to convert between geodetic CS's?
- is this very different from converting between projected CS's?

I am sorry to post such a simple question, but I don't seem to 
understand much from the online documentation...

Bye and thanks in advance

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