[OSRS-PROJ] Re: [GRASSLIST:4621] datums transormation and dX dY dZ values

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Fri Oct 4 06:17:09 EDT 2002

... A follow-up (previously I posted only Fuso Ovest):

To make it simpler, we can fully use EPSG codes. Once again
for both Italian zones (fusi) including datum transformation:

# f: Monte Mario (Rome) / Italy zone 1
# t: ED50 / UTM zone 32N
cs2cs +init=epsg:26591 +towgs84=-225,-65,9 +to +init=epsg:23032

# f: Monte Mario (Rome) / Italy zone 2
# t: ED50 / UTM zone 33N
cs2cs +init=epsg:26592 +towgs84=-225,-65,9 +to +init=epsg:23033

Again, please verify and tell me/us if it is wrong.


 Markus Neteler
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