[OSRS-PROJ] Parsing of " in +lat_0 and +lon_0 arguments

John Smart john.smart at caris.com
Tue Dec 9 11:01:59 EST 2003


I was getting strange results from proj, and I think I see why. See this:

proj -I +proj=cass +ellps=airy +lon_0=3d46'47"w +lat_0=55d40'23"n
0 0
3d46'47"W       0dN

proj -I +proj=cass +ellps=airy +lat_0=55d40'23"n +lon_0=3d46'47"w
0 0
0dE     55d40'23"N

proj -I +proj=cass +ellps=airy +lon_0=3d46'47w +lat_0=55d40'23"n
0 0
3d46'47"W       55d40'23"N

It looks like including the " in the first of +lat_0 and +lon_0 throws the
program off.

I can do proj -I now if I remember not to include " in the +lat_0 or +lon_0
arguments but I wonder if this behaviour is not a bug? (Or maybe I'm missing
something blindingly obvious about the syntax?)

John Smart

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