[OSRS-PROJ] Rotated coordinates

Iwan Holleman holleman at knmi.nl
Thu Feb 6 03:56:03 EST 2003

Hi Christian,

It is possible! I use it to calculate the coordinates of the gridpoints
of our NWP model HIRLAM.
The proj-string I use for this is:

 +proj=ob_tran +o_proj=eqc +o_lat_p=30.0 +a=57.29578 +lon_0=-15.0

In this way: XY represent the (longitude and latitude) of the rotated
grid in degrees, and LL the unrotated longitude and latitude . The
rotation is specified by o_lat_p and lon_o.

Best regards,

Iwan Holleman

Christian Podlasly wrote:

> Hi there,
> is it possible with proj to calculate rotated lon/lat coordinates from
> unrotated lon/lat?
> Best regards,
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