[OSRS-PROJ] Horrors of --- Krovak projection

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Feb 25 10:32:01 EST 2003

Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> Per yesterday's promise the following web site contains Krovak
> documentation, PROJ.4 C code and test script:
> http://members.bellatlantic.net/~vze2hc4d/proj4/
> The site will also be the location of any changes made to the
> original distribution of PROJ.4 by this author.
> Please send contact me with any informations about failure
> of the web site to correctly display or distribute information.
> Complaints, errata, etc. about PROJ.4 always "welcome."


I have added a link to your web site from the site at RemoteSensing.org.
I hope to incorporate your version of the Krovak into my version though
I am not sure when I will get to that.  I will likely remove the existing
code and replace it with yours though I want to review how to get the
expected results with prime meridians and also the implications of the
+czech flag.

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