[OSRS-PROJ] Pseudo X/Y values, forward and reverse

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jan 30 17:02:44 EST 2003

William Hersman wrote:
> Input    -175.1234589    59.7654305  DD
> Return   -4054878.4814   2990301.082 ASP 4 FEET
> Input    -4054878.4814   2990301.082 ASP 4 FEET
> Return   -175.1487387    59.7638269  DD


It would clearly help alot if you could provide the details of the
coordinate system.  I tried this:

warmerda at gdal2200[237]% proj -I -v +init=nad27:5004 +units=ft
#Transverse Mercator
#       Cyl, Sph&Ell
# +init=nad27:5004 +units=ft +proj=tmerc +datum=NAD27 +lon_0=-150 +lat_0=54
# +k=.9999 +x_0=152400.3048006096 +y_0=0 +no_defs +ellps=clrk66
# +nadgrids=conus,ntv1_can.dat
-4054905.40     2990291.47             (input)
175d7'10.261"W  59d45'56.295"N         (output)

warmerda at gdal2200[238]% proj -v +init=nad27:5004 +units=ft
#Transverse Mercator
#       Cyl, Sph&Ell
# +init=nad27:5004 +units=ft +proj=tmerc +datum=NAD27 +lon_0=-150 +lat_0=54
# +k=.9999 +x_0=152400.3048006096 +y_0=0 +no_defs +ellps=clrk66
# +nadgrids=conus,ntv1_can.dat
175d7'10.261"W  59d45'56.295"N          (input)
-4054186.84     2990083.90              (output)

I see there is an over 700 ft difference in the positions.  Far more than
I would have expected.  In this case the longitude is 25 degrees away from
the central meridian for the zone, but I wouldn't have thought the
reversibility of the equations would have been so poor at that distance.

Cliff, you mentioned that the TM coordinates would not be reversible at
great distances.  Is this the nature of the TM equations or a weakness in
their implementation with PROJ.4?

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