[OSRS-PROJ] Weirdnesses in the source code

Ton Hospel proj at ton.iguana.be
Tue Jul 8 13:06:20 EDT 2003

In article <033901c34569$e4779270$cb88_783 at marine.us_.edu>,
	"Judd Taylor" <judd at seas.marine.usf.edu> writes:
> Perl, eh?
> I've got a pretty stable version that uses PDL::PP I've been meaning to
> release out to CPAN. It works reall well and is real fast... I just need to
> add a function to query the actual values that Proj is using (after
> defaults, files, etc have been applied to the command line options) so I can
> put in out output product metadata, but the guts are all there.
> got PDL?
Nope, but I just read up on it :-) Both it and your work sound interesting.

But what I'm working on is not a straightforward interface into the 
library, since the resulting module would very closely match the
C library semantics and not be very perlish.

I want to get a very OO perl-style result, but mainly auto-generated
from the proj code (so I can e.g. easily pick up any new stuff when
it gets released). Basically I've written a parser/code generator that
parses the PJ_*.c files and then spits out equivalent pure perl (for
the people who can't compile) and XS code (for speed).

And of course such an automated approach really needs to understand
the code, which is how I found all these issues.

Currently I'm concentrating on the pure perl output (actually i just
succesfully autogenerated 114 perl modules). I'm now autogenerating
test values and will fix the generator as appropiate (I expect a lot
of flaws at this point).

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