[OSRS-PROJ] WKT complience

Alexander Weidauer alex.weidauer at huckfinn.de
Thu Jul 24 11:35:23 EDT 2003

Hi Frank,

Thank for that infomation.
I think I should have a look at the OGR library.

Bye Alex

Frank Warmerdam schrieb:
> Alexander Weidauer wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> Is it possible to involve a WKT complient
>> report function or initization function into
>> the proj toolkit. Like pjInitWkT and pjReportWKT ..
> Alex,
> My OGR library (http://gdal.velocet.ca/projects/opengis/) has ability to
> initialize an OGRSpatialReference.  This can then be converted to PROJ.4
> format.  This whole set of conversion capability is pretty involved, and
> I have felt it is out of scope to incorporate into PROJ.4.  Note that
> the OGR coordinate transformation services are built on PROJ.4.
> Best regards,

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