[OSRS-PROJ] PROJ 4.4.6 Release

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Mar 3 23:15:46 EST 2003


I have decided to kick out a PROJ 4.4.6 release.  A tentative attempt at this
is now available for download from the PROJ.4 page at:


The NEWS file reports:

4.4.6 Release Notes

  o Incorporated new lcca (Lambert Conformal Conic Alternate) projection from

  o Updated 'espg' translation file for EPSG 6.2.2 with better support for
    prime meridians.

  o Added Prime Meridians via +pm command switch to cs2cs (and pj_transform).

  o Fixed bug with 7 parameter transforms.

  o Added 'esri' pseudo-epsg coordinate system file.

  o Cleanup so that PROJ.4 compiles clean as C++ code.

  o Added pj_get_def() to expand definitions of stuff like +init clauses.

  o Added a Krovak implementation (proj=krov).  Note this may change again
    in the next release.

Although not noted, this release also attempts to work well on Cygwin, and
includes more recent versions of the automake, and libtool files.   If no
problems are encountered I will announce the release more widely on the
freegis mailing list, and freshmeat.net.

Best regards,

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