[OSRS-PROJ] New projection routines??

Karl Swartz karl at kls2.com
Sun Mar 9 13:47:39 EST 2003

> But tell me of an alternative with a GNU license or equivalence.

Good question.  I don't really know of any, though I don't do much with

> But the bottom line is this: it replicates the ps files that
> are in the PROJ.4 pdfs and the ps files are only about 70% larger
> that the ps files generated by my old 'plotter' program.  Gnuplot
> has a lot more flexibility than 'plotter'.

Fascinating.  I would have expected gnuplot to do a crude and cumbersome
job at best.  Would you mind sharing the commands you're using (and a
bit of sample data) so this old dog can learn some new tricks?  Thanks!

 -- Karl
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