[OSRS-PROJ] Datum transformation - more Sphere to WGS84...

Sverre Planke planke at vbpr.no
Sun Mar 23 04:30:06 EST 2003

Hello GMT and PROJ.4 users:

Thank you for help and comments.

I need to convert the coordinates on a Spherical earth
(GMT ELLIPSOID: "Sphere", 1980, 6371008.7714, 6371008.7714, 0.0)
(e.g. Sandwell/Smith v.9.1 gravity data) to WGS84, but I
have problems finding the right transformation parameters.

* I have installed the USGS software PROJ.4 from
   Program cs2cs supports tranformations between
   different datums if you have the right paramters (towgs84)

* A comprehensive list of "towgs84" paramters is found
   on http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/doc36/proj.html
   However, not Sphere to WGS84 can not be fond on this site
   or other places I have looked on the internet.

Can anybody supply me with the right towgs84 paramters for
a translation from Sphere to WGS84?


Sverre Planke
  Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research AS
  Forskningsparken, Gaustadalleen 21
  0349 Oslo, Norway

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