[OSRS-PROJ] Proj.4 vs Geotrans

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Sun Mar 30 13:06:42 EST 2003

Well as long as we are putting experience on the line I have been
writing code for 44 years and about 38 of those years I have had some
association with cartographic projections.  So that's my belly bump.

Secondly, I wrote an opinion, not a job application.  You certainly
may have your own opinion about how code should be written but until
you make your view of coding public there is nothing to comment on.

I am sure I would have an appropriate response to your threatened
"stern rebuke."

On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 10:41, Ed McNierney wrote:
> Gerald et al. -
> "If you want comments, look up the equations.  You'll see what is going
> on then."
> "All the above stuff should be in the manual and there is no point in
> duplicating it in the code."
> I've managed software developers for over 20 years, and anyone making
> those claims to me would get a stern rebuke, and if made in an
> employment interview, would guarantee the speaker to NOT get a job
> offer.
> It appears that the PROJ code is written in a style very much to
> Gerald's liking.  This is hardly surprising.  It would be much more
> helpful if relatively OBJECTIVE observers made comments on the value of
> each body of code, particularly as it pertains to how it met their
> needs.
> Turning this into a belly-bumping contest does not help solve anyone's
> problems.
> 	- Ed
> Ed McNierney

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