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Tue Oct 21 00:18:20 EDT 2003

> UTM is a coordinate system that defines how the Transverse Mercator (tmerc)
> is used.  UTM divides the globe into N-S strips 6° wide  extending from 84°S
> to 84°N.  Boundaries between each zone are on longitudes evenly divisible
> by 6.  The polar regions are covered by the UPS system which uses the
> polar stereographic projection.
> There are some exceptions to longitude boundaries in the Scandinavia
> region.

Not to be too pedantic, but should that not be "extending from 80°S to 84°N" ?

8° lat strips, C to X northwards, omitting I and O, beginning at 80° South
X spans 12° of latitude.

% example matlab/octave code snippet
Strips = [ 'C' 'D' 'E' 'F' 'G' 'H' 'J' 'K' 'L' 'M' ...
                   'N' 'P' 'Q' 'R' 'S' 'T' 'U' 'V' 'W' 'X'];

Zone = ceil((Lon+180)/6)
Strip = Strips(ceil((Lat+80)/8))

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