[OSRS-PROJ] ED50 Denmark

Torben Bach torben.bach at geo.au.dk
Thu Oct 23 07:27:21 EDT 2003


Completely new to the subject I have been roaming the internet trying to
find a "golden" command line to proj4 for converting lat-lon coordinates
to DANISH ED50 UTM zone 32N. Apparently the internal ED50 is not the
same as the Danish (or german or french...) ED50 - im am confused - does
anybody know the "golden" command line I so badly long for ? 

Another question - how accurate is the ouput from Proj4 ? I have
compared results converting to EUREF89 with output from programs from
the national Ministry of the Environment (KMS at www.kms.dk) handling
this stuf and MapInfo, and they gave the same results within a meter or
so. But using ED50 and Proj4 gave coordinates lying hundreds of meters
from MapInfo and "official" KMS results (this was how I discoverd I
needed the "golden" command line).

Thanks in advance !!

Best regards,

-Torben Bach

P.S. By mistake I also posted this question to the GRASS Statistical
Mailing List (which ofcourse didn't lead to any answer) - I have been
made aware of the mistake, and I appologize. So heres the question in -
hopefully - the right place :-)

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