[OSRS-PROJ] projection software - swiss projection

Nando Foppa foppa at giub.unibe.ch
Wed Sep 10 05:07:11 EDT 2003

Hello there,

I have an ER-Mapper file, which is a simple binary file (bil) and a
separate header file including all information about the file and the
projection (see below).
I would like to convert this file into the Swiss projection (Projection:
Oblique, Spheroid: Bessel).
As we work in an operational way, the reprojection should be made
without any human intervention and work automatically.
We work on a Linux environment and most programs are written in C or
IDL. We do not use an ER-Mapper software nor could we use ArcInfo

I found several sources of public domain cartographic software that
perform projections but which software do you recommend?
Is PROJ.4 the best way?

Thank you a lot for your help and advice!!

Best regards,

header file:
DatasetHeader Begin
 Version = "6.0"
 Description = "N16_02dec01_1159_..."
 DataSetType = ERStorage
 DataType = Raster
 ByteOrder = LSBFirst
 CoordinateSpace Begin
  Datum  = "WGS84"
  Projection = "GEODETIC"
  CoordinateType = LL
  Units  = "natural"
  Rotation = 0:0:0.0
 CoordinateSpace End
 RasterInfo Begin
  CellType = Unsigned8BitInteger
  NullCellValue = 0.000000
  CellInfo Begin
   Xdimension = 0.01000000
   Ydimension = 0.00700000
  CellInfo End
  NrOfLines = 1357
  NrOfCellsPerLine = 1700
  RegistrationCoord Begin
   Latitude = 50.0000
   Longitude = 0.00000
  RegistrationCoord End
  RegistrationCellX  = 0.5
  RegistrationCellY  = 0.5
  NrOfBands = 1
  BandId Begin
   Value = "channel        1, snowfraction in percent"
  BandId End
 RasterInfo End
DatasetHeader End


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