[Proj] Proj API feature requests

Gerald Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Thu Apr 22 16:00:57 EDT 2004

Imbedded notes.
On Apr 22, 2004, at 2:53 PM, Judd Taylor wrote:

> I guess I should have mentioned I'm using the remotesensing.org 
> version of
> the library...

Not really that much different except for additions like prime meridian.

>> 	...

> FGDC stands for the Federal Geographic Data Committee, a group that 
> issues
> metadata standards (among other things). Some of the more recent 
> requests
> for proposals we've been seeing require that geograpic data products
> produced on the grant have metadata that conforms to the FGDC 
> standard. I
> can get some of the information I need from libproj. If I haven;t 
> already
> bored you enough about metadata, check out:
> http://www.fgdc.gov/metadata/meta_stand.html.

Ah, yes.  Seem to recall that stuff.
> 	...

> Not really looking for a tutorial. I've been wanting to write a GUI 
> where
> users of my mapping software (which uses proj), can interactively 
> create and
> save configurations that include the parameters I pass to proj_init(). 
> I'm
> just thinking of populating menus, etc...

Thought about the same thing many times but a couple of factors have
kept me out of the game: 1) except for a GUI plotting program using
Athena widgets that I did for MAPGEN I do not have much, if any, skill
in this area and 2) finding a GUI that is portable across OSs.  Also the
latter answer must have linkage ability to a C library.  Today it looks
like one would go crazy just making such a choice---too many options.
> 	...
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