[Proj] Problem with projections that need support libraries

Gerald Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Fri Dec 3 21:53:56 EST 2004

I got involved with resolving a pseudocylindrical projection problem 
where the
projection was mislabeled "Mayr."  This was corrected to a tentative 
name of
"Tobler Parallel Geometric Mean."  This left the true Mayr projection 
and a bit difficult as it involves a nonanalytic integral where 
integration is required.

The kernel is a little nasty but the adaptive integration procedure in 
(Gnu Scientific Library) handles it nicely.

The problem is this: a libproj4 implementation would most easily be 
by using the gsl routine by linking to the gsl library.  Extracting the 
gsl procedures
would be very, very tedious and error prone.  But by linking to the gsl 
transportation is compromised and/or complicated---especially in 

Note: there are other projections which are not implemented due to the 
that complex functions (often available in gsl) are impractical to 
include as
part of libproj4 source.

One option is to put compiler/Makefile switches that would exclude 
that required exotic libraries.  Note: any exotic libraries would be 
required to
be freely available.

Thoughts and comment, please.
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