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Clifford J Mugnier cjmce at lsu.edu
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There's a lot of errors in the EPSG "database."  This thread is just one
little example.  It's an interesting resource, but certainly not something
to be trusted without independant verification.  The internal combustion
engine has been around for over a century, and people all over the world
have been looking for hydrocarbons to feed the machines.  As a result,
there are thousands of mathematical "kludges," formulae, ways of doing
things, etc. that have been used by people in the "oil patch."  The EPSG is
an attempt to be a catholic collection of these in order to make it easy to
recover old discoveries.

With regard to the Rectified Skew Orthomorphic (RSO) projection of the
Spheroid by Brigadier Martin Hotine, there is only one version and that was
published by him in 1948 in "Empire Survey Review."  John P. Snyder
published a derivative treatise, and too many people do NOT read John's
references at the back of his book.  The mysteries of the universe are open
to those that read references FIRST, before reading anything else in a
book.  Relying on the internet as the primary source for practically
anything before 1990 is sheer folley, including mathematical
cartography/geometric geodesy.

To paraphrase, "Those that ignore geodetic history are destined to repeat
the mistakes of the past..."

Merry Christmas,

Cliff Mugnier
Max -

I didn't have time to closely read Melita's email - what exactly was the
correction?  If the EPSG parameters for this projection are incorrect,
we should get that reported and fixed.  Thanks!

- Ed

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Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks to everybody for the fix of the EPSG.
Melita, those new translational parameters worked great for what we are
doing with Michigan Georef, thanks to everyone who put time into
figuring out what was going wrong.  This forum definitely has some
collective brainpower.

Happy Holidays Everyone

Max Clever

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