[OSRS-PROJ] proj4 parameter question regarding UTM

pw p.willis at telus.net
Fri Feb 6 19:14:22 EST 2004


In the case where my map crosses several UTM boundaries
and my central meridian is in zone 10, how can I project 
the edge data, which as you have noted is in zone 7, into zone 10?

Should I use tmerc instead?


> Peter -
> Those are NOT the correct values for those coordinates projected in UTM.
> Your longitude of -143 degrees isn't even close to zone 10 - it's in UTM
> zone 7.  The Northing and Easting you report seem approximately correct
> for the zone 7 coordinates of that point, so you should simply change
> your proj command line to specify zone 7.
> - Ed
> Ed McNierney

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