[OSRS-PROJ] Rectified Skew Orthomorphic...

Carl Godkin carl at dgi.com
Thu Jan 15 14:50:12 EST 2004

> Carl,
> To the best of my knowledge we didn't really support RSO before.
>> If not, I would be happy to contribute either my PJ_rso.c
>> or at least explain on this list what I had to change.
>> (I based my changes on the mathematics described by the
>> EPSG.)
> Would it make sense to have this "gamma" value as an argument to
> omerc that defaults to whatever it used to be, but that could
> be set to produce the RSO projection?

I think so.  There are only two very slight differences.

> In any event, if you provide the PJ_rso.c I would be willing to
> incorporate it into PROJ.4, but it would be best if Gerald first
> decided how it should be handled in libproj4.  I would want to
> ensure that it is done the same way in PROJ, so that when I ditch
> all my projection code and plug in libproj4 as the backend there won't
> be an incompatible change in how RSO is handled for users.
> Submitting the suggested change in Bugzilla would be a good start.

Ok, I'll do this soon and explain the differences.



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