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Fri Jan 23 15:04:05 EST 2004


Some folks from JPL are interested in having SOM-A added to GeoTIFF.
However, the arguments they propose for it are not ones that I am familiar
with and I wonder how practical they would be to use.  Does anyone know if
PROJ.4 supports Space Oblique Mercator (specially form-A from GCTP)?
Would anyone be interested in implementing it?

The JPL proposal looks like this:

Michael A. Bull wrote:
 > To all,
 > I would like to see support added for the Space Oblique Mercator (SOM) projection in
 > GeoTiff.  Specifically, I'm interested in the generic SOM format A, as defined by GCTP,
 > and also is implemented in ENVI version 4.0.  The parameters required to define the
 > SOM format A projection are as follows:
 > 1 Semi-major axis of the ellipsoid
 > 2 Semi-minor axis of the ellipsoid
 > 3 Inclination of orbit ascending node.  (angular units)
 > 4 Longitude of ascending orbit at equator.  (angular units)
 > 5 False easting
 > 6 False northing
 > 7 Period of satellite revolution.  (time in minutes)
 > 8 Satellite ratio.  This controls the start and end points of the map on
 >    the earth surface.
 > I propose that a new projection type be added along with keys for the
 > projection parameter types that are not already supported.
 > Following existing convention, I suggest the projection type should be named
 > CT_ObliqueMercator_Space_A
 > New projection parameter keys are needed for parameters 3,4,7 and 8 (above).,
 > The other parameters already have appropriate keys defined.  Suggested new
 > parameter type names are
 > 3 ProjInclinationAscending
 > 4 ProjLongitudeAscending
 > 7 ProjOrbitPeriod
 > 8 ProjSatelliteRatio

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