[OSRS-PROJ] Bug in CEA projection?

Orme, David d.orme at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Jan 28 06:00:40 EST 2004


This was cross-posted from the Grass list a while back - have I got 
something wrong or is this a bug?

I'm using Proj 4.4.7 on my Mac 10.3.2 and ArcGIS 8 on a Windows XP 
machine - the two programs give different answers for coordinate 
transformations into  a Behrmann projection (Cylindrical Equal Area 
with latitude of true scale at 30 N/S). I've checked using Geotrans 
2.2.4 on the Windows machine and that agrees with ArcGIS.

My test point is in Behrmann coordinates, units in meters: 0E 

cs2cs gives:

> doibook:~/Library/Preferences dorme$ cs2cs -f "%0.6f" +proj=cea 
> +lat_ts=30 +datum=WGS84 +to +proj=latlong +datum=WGS84
> 0 7284713.234
> 0.000000        82.485563 0.000000

Both ArcGIS and Geotrans give the following geodesic coordinates: 0 E 
82.855347 N

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,
David Orme

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