[Proj] Lat/Long to lcc

Al McCaig projgis at mchaggis.org.uk
Thu Jul 1 07:09:56 EDT 2004


I am trying to convert Lat/Long coords to Lamberts using proj and am
having a few problems, ie it doesn't seem to give the correct results.

I have the following information but am slightly unsure how to use it in

	Geodetic Datum (Speriod): WGS84
	Units: meters
	Central meridian: 5deg east
	Central Parallel: 49.08516574deg north
	1st Standard Parallel: 44deg north
	2nd Standard Parallel: 54deg north
	False Easting (X): 1507373
	False Northing (Y): 1607866

I also have a set of data which contain Lat/Long and the Lamberts coords
as the above projection data, two of these are:

53.333889, -1.968552	=>	1044152, 2100526
53.334186, -1.968341	=>	1044169, 2100558

Any help would be grateful.



Yes, maybe life sucks, but at least I don't have to use Windows!

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