[Proj] library name not libproj.so.0 anymore?

Peter S Galbraith psg at debian.org
Fri Jul 16 14:57:56 EDT 2004

I wrote:

> Building proj creates:
> /usr/lib/libproj.0
> /usr/lib/libproj.0.4.2
> instead of libproj.so.0 and libproj.so.0.4.2 as it used to.
> Is this intentional?

Frank Warmerdam replied:

> Peter,
> I have not encountered this problem doing a default build and install.
> Are the files in your src/.libs directory named the same way?  I wonder
> what is going on.

Thanks Frank.  I'm at work right now, away from my build environment at
home, and this was just now pointed out to me by another Debian
developer.  I'll see at home whether my Debian build scripts are causng
this, now that I know it's not normal.  I'll try to track it down before
posting again.


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