[Proj] minor proj bugs

Britton Kerin bkerin at asf.alaska.edu
Wed Jul 28 18:40:47 EDT 2004


Not sure this list is alive (the archive link on the web page doesn't 
work).  The web interface to bugzilla isn't working either though, so here 

1. There is a discrepency between the pj_geocentric_to_geodetic 
   and pj_geodetic_to_geocentric prototypes in proj_api.h and the 
   corresponding definitions in pj_transform.c.  The second argument in 
   the signatures in the definitions is 'es', which I assume stands for 
   eccentricity squared.  The first thing the functions do is compute 'b'
   (I assuem the minor axis treating es as eccentricity squared, so I 
   guess eccentricity squared s what it is.  The prototypes in proj_api.h
   have a second argument called 'ra' however, which is confusing.  It
   looks to me like the names in proj_api.h should be changed from 'ra' to

2. The description of the -format option in the cs2cs man page contains an 
   unecesary sentence:

              Format is a printf format string to  con-
              trol  the form of the output values.  For
              inverse projections, the output  will  be
              in  degrees when this option is employed.
              If a format is specified for inverse pro-
              jection  the output data will be in deci-
              mal  degrees.   The  default  format   is
              "%.2f" for forward projection and DMS for

3. Advertise the new general transformation capabilities (cs2cs and 
   corresponding capabilities of 'projPJ' type in library) better!  They 
   are really cool and I almost missed them entirely.

4. Some of the API routines look redundant with each other now.  For 
   example, if I understand correctly: pj_datum_transform is now subsumed 
   into pj_transform?  And pj_fwd and pj_inv are also simple versions of 
   pj_transform?  This redundance should probably be discussed somewhere 
   to prevent confusion.  Or, if they are different, the differences 
   should be described.

proj is excellent in general though, definately worth keeping it up to 
speed and polishing up the docs.


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