PROJ archive - Re: [Proj] minor proj bugs

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Fri Jul 30 09:22:02 EDT 2004

Markus Neteler wrote:
> Frank,
> eee a chance to reconstruct the old PROJ4 archive? It's an 
> important source of information. The reconstruction can be done easily
> in two steps:
>   cat projarchive.mbox >> mailman/archives/private/proj.mbox/proj.mbox
>   mailman/bin/arch proj
> I (the community?) hope that the PROJ4 archive can be completed 
> as it was done for the GDAL project.


I had already merged all the archival material that was available in the
mailman/pipermail archive on the old  However, since
the pre-mailman archive hadn't been merged in there previously, there was
no place to get pre-April email.  I have dug up the old archive from which
the MHonArc web view was being built, cleaned out massive loads of spam, and
merged it in.  I think the mailman/pipermail archive is now pretty clean and
goes back to the start of the mailing list back in March 2000.

PS. Sorry for not digging into this when you last asked.  Honest, all your
requests weigh heavily on me when I don't do to them.  It is good to keep
bugging me about the onces most important to you.

Best regards,
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