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Wed Mar 10 19:04:08 EST 2004

> I would rather deal with an article in French rather than Polish (no
> offense to the Poles,  please)
I'm not that touchy :)
I have met few Germans and Americans try speak Polish
maybe it wasn't Chineese but it wasn't Polish either

> For printed references readily available there is:
> 1) Bugayevskiy, Snyder p. 169, and two versions in 2) Yang, Snyder and
> Tobler pp. 19--21,  3)pp 166-168.
Where to look for them?

> As for latitude of true scale, this is usually only used in the polar
> version.  k_0 is more appropriate for oblique and equatorial.
So it seems that the libproj4's "Stereographic" projection is not suitable
here because it demands the "latitude of true scale". HOW DO YOU THINK? This
projection requires the k_0 "scale factor" too. This is not a problem - I
know the k_0 for all the "Uklad 1965" zones. But the definition of "Uklad
1965" doesn't mention such a parameter as the "LATITUDE OF TRUE SCALE" at

> 1 and 2 my be similar but 3 is based on a transfer through Gauss-Kruger.
> Interestingly, the Polish web paper I picked up gave a version that
> looks similar to 3.  With the Polish paper I think I could do a complete
> version (forward-inverse).
To make things clear:
The 1965 System we are talking about consists of 5 zones, where four are in
Roussilhe and one is Transverse Mercator.
The Mercator one (5th zone) is not obscure at all and easily applicable in
Those 1-4 Roussilhe ones are not obscure as well but I don't know how to
apply them into Grass.

I have some literature (doc and pdf) regarding "Uklad 1965" besides the
http://www.atomnet.pl/~geodeta/2000/59text1.htm .
They contain plenty of formulas which I don't get at all (I'm not
a cartographer or geodet or whatsoever). If you would like to have a look at
them I would send them to you and would assist you in trying to understand
Chineese with pleasure. Besides - I know one Polish amateur cartographer/GPS
fan who would help. He speaks English well so you coud try to consult him

Maciek Sieczka

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