[Proj] wrong values for shift utm ed50 to utm wgs84

Christoph Dohmen chdohmen at gmx.de
Thu May 27 02:06:56 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I have to translate several values from utm ed50 to utm wgs84. I tried this 
with several tools and got different values :-( And especially using cs2cs I 
got definitly _wrong_ values. Just an example:

values to translate as metre values from zone 32 north in ed50:
488000 E 
5902000 N

using the demo-version of transdat I get the following:
487916.915498 E 
5901796.048890 N

using the online-tool from http://www-ipf.bau-verm.uni-karlsruhe.de/cgi-bin/
trafo.tcl I get:
487921.76 E
5901788.00 N

and using cs2cs (from proj 4.4.8) I get:
488000.00 E
5902000.00 N
with the params: cs2cs +proj=utm +ellip=intl +to +proj=utm +ellip=WGS84 
+datum=WGS84  << EOF
> 488000 5902000

using cs2cs +proj=utm +a=6378388.0 +b=6356911.94613 +zone=32 +to +proj=utm 
+ellps=WGS84 +zone=32 << EOF with the same values result in:
488000.36 E
5901787.27 N

and cs2cs -v +init=epsg:23032 +to +init=epsg:32632 << EOF for the above 
mentioned point results also in:
488000.36 E
5901787.27 N

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