[Proj] Projecting a rectangle to another coord. system?

Mikael Rittri Mikael.Rittri at carmenta.se
Fri Sep 10 05:19:45 EDT 2004

I am new to this list. 

My problem is:
- I have a rectangle given in coordinate system A
  (defined by its southwest and northeast corners).  
- In coordinate system B, I need to find one, or possibly
  two, rectangles that cover all of the original rectangle.
  The new rectangle(s) don't have to be as small as possible,
  although this would be nice.  (They shouldn't be much too 
  large, though.)
(By a "coordinate system", I mean a geodetic datum plus a projection.)  

Can proj4 (or some other tool) solve this problem in the general case?

I would also be interested in the algoritms used. Do you know any
paper that has been published? 

(The motivation is, of course, that a GIS system displays data in 
 coordinate system A, but the data is stored in coordinate system B, 
 so the bounding box in A (defined by the window limits) must be 
 translated to one or two query rectangles in B, for the geo-database.)

	Best regards,
		Mikael Rittri

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