[Proj] Proj binary input and output

pw p.willis at telus.net
Fri Aug 19 13:39:00 EDT 2005


The documentation for proj states binary input is
expected to be system byte order and double.

I am getting invalid results with binary
input, yet if I manually enter lonlats asking
for binary output I get the expected output.

Right my data is double precision floating point (64bit)
organized as a series of lonlats (x then y).

Byte order appears to be OK since the program chokes if I
reverse the byte order.

What format does my binary input file (binary_file.bin)
need to be in for the following  conversion?

proj +proj=utm +zone=18 +ellps=WGS84 -i binary_file.bin

Thanks for any insights you may have,

Peter Willis

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