[Proj] WGS84 definition

Martin Vermeer martin.vermeer at hut.fi
Mon Dec 5 15:58:58 EST 2005

On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 01:57:27PM -0600, Clifford J Mugnier wrote:
> Dear Martin,
> I think such lofty declarations are a bit out of the ballpark for PROJ4
> users.  PROJ4 does not claim to be the torchbearer for the "total answer to
> Computational Geodesy."  Which reference frame is used should be restricted
> to the user's conscious choice (if any), of their data and the concomitant
> metadata associated with that choice.
> My guess is that most PROJ4 users couldn't care less about reference frames
> and the (very) basic foundations of coordinate systems and reference
> frames.  For those that DO care, they should be capable of recognizing the
> differences between map projection implementations and the necessary datum
> shift algorithms and associated shift parameters.  PROJ4 is not intended
> ONLY for Europe, so provincial declarations are more confusing to the
> neophyte than helpful.
> Merry Christmas,
> Clifford J. Mugnier

Dear Clifford,

I suppose you are right -- where the current user base of PROJ4 is
concerned. But I have been thinking if it would be possible to extend it
by simple means to also serve geodetic uses, as that is what interests
me. And the package has been moving from mere projections to geodetic
datums and transformations anyway.

As for Europe, that was just an example. Of course as an alternative,
ITRF with time dependent transformations is possible in principle, and
unavoidable on this precision level. This would be global in scope.

a Merry Christmas to you too

Martin Vermeer

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