[Proj] Ukraine towgs84

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Tue Dec 6 04:50:25 EST 2005


So far we have found a Mapinfo towgs84 definition claimed to be suitable
for Ukraine: 24,-123,-94,-0.02,0.25,0.13,1.1.

Although it yields pretty different results than the pan-Soviet Union
datum shift, I only have the word of Mapinfo authors that it is correct.

Input is WGS84 23E 49N.

former Soviet Union datum shift (28,-130,-95)
23d00'06.425689"E       49d00'01.319468"N

Mapinfo Ukrainian (24,-123,-94,-0.02,0.25,0.13,1.1)
23d00'05.992369"E       49d00'01.513576"N

Has anybody got reliable benchmarks for Ukraine WGS84->Krassovsky to
compare to by any chance?


W polskim Internecie s± setki milionów stron. My przekazujemy Tobie tylko najlepsze z nich!

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