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Clifford J Mugnier cjmce at lsu.edu
Tue Dec 6 12:47:15 EST 2005


To the best of my knowledge, the Ukraine continues to keep its
transformation parameters secret from the outside world.  Local citizens
can get into a great deal of trouble by divulging national secrets.
Several former satellite nations of the USSR continue to be private with
such concerns and are suspicious of outside eyes.

Topographic maps have been sold on the Black Market for years, but
possession of such maps and data continues to be considered espionage
within those countries.

It's going to take some years for these new republics to open up completely
and to change their ways that have been a part of their life for much of
the 20th century.  Some old ways die hard.  It's going to have to change at
the national legislative/parliament level first.

Remember President Clinton's first term in office?  Some young U.S.
Electrical Engineer was doing GPS scouting for cell phone towers in Russia
- on hill tops and mountain tops - the same places as classical
triangulation stations!  He got a guided tour of Treblinka Prison on
charges of espionage and it took a phone call from Clinton to Yeltsin to
get the young man sprung from prison just days before Christmas.  Russia
remains private about such stuff as I think the Ukraine does also.

Merry Christmas,

Cliff Mugnier


So far we have found a Mapinfo towgs84 definition claimed to be suitable
for Ukraine: 24,-123,-94,-0.02,0.25,0.13,1.1.

Although it yields pretty different results than the pan-Soviet Union
datum shift, I only have the word of Mapinfo authors that it is correct.

Input is WGS84 23E 49N.

former Soviet Union datum shift (28,-130,-95)
23d00'06.425689"E       49d00'01.319468"N

Mapinfo Ukrainian (24,-123,-94,-0.02,0.25,0.13,1.1)
23d00'05.992369"E       49d00'01.513576"N

Has anybody got reliable benchmarks for Ukraine WGS84->Krassovsky to
compare to by any chance?


W polskim Internecie s± setki milionów stron. My przekazujemy Tobie tylko
najlepsze z nich!

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