[Proj] Finnish KKJ in proj 4.4.9 - Linux vs. Windows

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Dec 14 10:11:38 EST 2005

On 12/14/05, Roger Oberholtzer <roger at opq.se> wrote:
> I have sorted out using proj 4.4.9 to obtain KKJ X/Y values from WGS84
> LAT/LONG values.
> To be more precise, I have this sorted out on Linux. I compiled the same
> 4.4.9 code on Windows using MS VC++ 6.0 and the makefile.vc in the proj
> source. The problem is that I do not get the same results on the two
> systems! The error is in the neighborhood of 100 meters.
> Has anyone used proj on Windows and had any such problem? I have used
> other similar libraries on both platforms before, so I did not expect
> this.


I haven't run into this.  If you can demonstrate the results you get on
linux and win32 using the "proj" or "cs2cs" commands, then I could
try and see if I get the same problem here on win32.

> I was thinking of trying the 4.4.6 binary that is available for
> downloads, but it does not contain a proj.lib file, making linking
> problematic. Any reason there is not a windows binary of 4.4.9, and only
> of 4.4.6?

Producing binaries is a hassle, and so I do not make it part of
my release regimen.  The FWTools releases do include up to date
PROJ.4 binaries though I'm not sure if I include the PROJ.4 include
files and libraries for those wanting to build their own applications.


You might want to see if you get the same results with the FWTools
PROJ commands as you get from the ones you built yourself.

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