[Proj] Old problems

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Sat Dec 31 17:04:55 EST 2005

I was looking into downloading and installing GRASS as I do not have a current 
general purpose map making graphic on my system.  The main problem I ran into 
is that GRASS still uses the out of date PROJ.4 software.  I suppose I will 
have to download the stuff from remotesensing but I will be out of luck using 
about half the projections currently in libproj4.

While reading http://www.remotesensing.org/proj/ I ran across the line:

"Gerald Evenden's PROJ.4 site: includes some updates and documentation for his 
slimmed down libproj."

What I object to ;-) is the "slimmed down" part.  All that I can recall that I 
removed in the new system was the Cheby approximations (which I don't think 
anyone here  uses) and the referencing of external files for added + option 
information.  The "+no_opt" has been ignored for years in libproj4.  
"Simplification" seems a better word.  Unless the addition of datum 
transformations redefined PROJ.4---again, back to old "issues."

The issue is probably hopeless but it would be nice to unify libproj4 with 
Jerry and the low riders:Daisy May and Joshua
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