[Proj] Slightly off subject

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 9 00:11:41 EST 2005

> Several years ago I used to distribute proj as an .exe file so one
> could at least use the system on M$ systems without having to go
> through the transportation/compilation problems.
> I have 98 on one of my systems and one can still get to a DOS command
> line and thus could still use something like lproj.exe.  But I got 
> curious about the latest (NT?) and stopped by the local Staples to see
> if I could find a DOS entry on their demo machines.  No such luck.  I
> asked a salesman about it and wasn't sure he even knew what I was
> talking about.
> My question is: can one do command line operations on the latest M$
> OS's?  That is, have a "terminal" screen?

Yes. open a "run command" window with Start->Run (or something like
that) or with apple-R. Enter "command" for the venerable command.com or
better yet run "cmd" for a more useful term. Rumors of command line
completion with the latter even.

Besides cygwin, djgpp used to be pretty good for compiling Win32 command
line software.

> Sorry, I know this must be heresy to some and incomprehensible to 
> others.

Introducing people to the benefits of high quality free software without
making them take radical steps to do so ain't so bad in my book.


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