[Proj] ECEF

Noel Zinn ndzinn at houston.rr.com
Sat Feb 26 17:26:57 EST 2005

Quick first question from a newcomer exploring the capabilities of Proj.4 before attempting to compile the code.

I've read the documentation plus recent threads on this list serve that discuss datum shifts (of the 7-parameter variety), which, apparently, Proj.4 does not support.  My question is whether Proj.4 supports Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed (ECEF) geocentric Cartesian coordinates or not (i.e, lat/lon/hgt => ECEF X/Y/Z).  Seems it would be simple to build that functionality into the Proj.4 code, but I gather that the documentation's references to "cartesian coordinates" means Eastings/Northings in projected space, and not ECEF.  Non-support for geocentric datum shifting seems to support this tentative conclusion.  Can someone confirm for me?

Thanks, Noel Zinn
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