[Proj] Help translating NAD83 coordinates to WGS84

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I am sorry to be a nit-picker but not "NAD 83" nor any other NAD is a 

North American Datum establishes how the geographic coordinates
are referenced and its only connection to a projection are the 
constants it
defines in performing a projection.  Note that projections is plural as 
hundreds of
projections can be applied to geographic data of any one datum.

For the area of typical NAD application there are three projections that
are normally applied: Transverse Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic and
Oblique Mercator.

I will now return to my cave.

On Dec 28, 2004, at 7:35 AM, Chad Wallace wrote:

> Mike,
> I stumbled across this site in search of projection issues. I work 
> with a program called MapInfo Professional, and the street files we 
> use is in the NAD 27 format Tiger data. Then we purchased the update 
> which was Tiger data using the NAD 83 projection. Once bringing the 
> two on top of each other there is huge differences. Is there a fix to 
> convert our data fields? Also what is the difference between NAD 83 & 
> WGS 84? 
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