[Proj] Help translating NAD83 coordinates to WGS84

DAVID Thayer david.thayer at state.co.us
Wed Jan 5 12:29:30 EST 2005

>>> cewallace at neogas.com 2004-12-28 5:35:39 AM >>>
>I stumbled across this site in search of projection issues. I work
>a program called MapInfo Professional, and the street files we use is
>the NAD 27 format Tiger data. Then we purchased the update which was
>Tiger data using the NAD 83 projection. Once bringing the two on top
>each other there is huge differences. Is there a fix to convert our
>fields? Also what is the difference between NAD 83 & WGS 84?  

To fix your data you might want to have a look at the ogr2ogr utility
<http://ogr.maptools.org/>. I've only used it with ESRI shapefiles for
this purpose, but the documentation indicates that it works with
Mapinfo files.



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