[Proj] Using proj with VC++

Jim Graham jim at nrel.colostate.edu
Tue Jul 5 15:10:56 EDT 2005

I have been programming Visual C++ for a long time (longer than it's been
called that) but am relatively new to Proj4.  It was pretty easy to build
either a dll or a library (lib) for Visual C++ and just recently I had to
get Proj4 working quickly in an existing application.  I took the brute
force approach and just included all the appropriate Proj4 files directly in
the application (turning off precompiled headers of course) and it is
working great!  My appreciation goes out to everyone how helped with Proj4
for creating something so useful.

Mahsa - what do you mean by "does not work"?

Jim Graham

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On 6/29/05, mahsa takapoomanesh <mahsa_tb at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'm a new proj user, I downloaded a proj.dll and it does not work with


Generally speaking to use PROJ.4 from a C/C++ program in
Visual Studio you will need the proj.dll, the proj_i.lib (stub library)
and the include files.  You would need to add the include files
to your include path, and link against proj_i.lib.  The proj.dll will be
needed at runtime.

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