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Dave Sampson gis at watersheds.ca
Fri Jul 22 11:07:11 EDT 2005


In response for my request of tutorials and other educational tools for 
learning the possibilities of proj, gdal, and ogr I was asked to clarify 
what I meant by implement. And possibly what I'm lokoing for in general. 
And why the open source code and manuals are not meeting my needs. So I 
hope to clarify my request.

Implementation of a tool (eg proj). What I mean is for the LAME user, 
not developer, how can I use the tools. As I am not a programer or 
developer, going through the source might give me the answers, but I 
would not know that the answer hit me in the face. By implementing I 
mean having the tool available (through the comand line or other 
interface). Now what can I do with it. I have datasets, now how can I 
use these tools to munipulate the dataset.

I appreciate all the info and time put into the manuals, but they 
pre-suppose you know what the result of each process is. It also assumes 
you know and understand the full capabilities of vector, raster and 
projection munipulation. As a general geographer I am not aware of ALL 
the possibilities, just the ones I know. Therefore I am looking for a 
way to KNOW more.

For example, when learning GRASS I found online tutorials, workshops, 
class curriculums and the book a much faster, more efficient and 
experiential way of learning GRASS, than mearly reading the man pages of 
EVERY tool in GRASS. I am a hands on learner, and as such I look for 
hands on ways to learn open source programs.

I am looking for such learning opportunities for proj, gdal, ogr. By 
implement I mean use the tool (eg use the hammer) not modify the tool 
(forge a new hammer) and not include the tool as part of another tool 
(eg develop a Jack-Hammer). I hope this helps.



maybe you could explain on the list what you mean by "implement"?
Use it? Rewrite it? It's open source, so technical details are
in the code. I guess you mean something else.


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